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How do I claim a refund? 2017-10-04T08:03:49-08:00

If you aren’t completely satisfied with one of our products, simply write a brief explanation of your negative experience – as well as your Amazon Order # – within 60 days of your order to support@royalpotion.com (and write “Refund Request” in the subject line). We will promptly issue a refund.

Can I receive a refund even if I have used the product? 2017-10-04T08:03:15-08:00

Yes, as part of our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, we will refund you every penny of your product cost if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

How do I order if I live outside the U.S.? 2017-10-04T08:02:50-08:00

We currently only offer our products on the following marketplaces:

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.ca
  • Amazon.uk
Why do you only accept orders on Amazon? 2017-10-04T08:02:21-08:00

We’ve chosen to accept orders only through Amazon for a number of reasons. Amazon offers incredibly secure payment processing, as well as fast shipping options. In addition, a large majority of our customer base has Amazon Prime, which allows them to get FREE 2-day shipping on every purchase of our products. For non-prime members, free shipping is available for orders over $35.

Do you take orders over the phone? 2017-10-04T08:01:55-08:00

While we offer live customer support, we only accept orders through Amazon

How Are Dietary Supplements Regulated by the FDA? 2017-10-04T08:01:26-08:00

There are several ways in which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates production, marketing and sale of dietary supplements:

  1. Any marketing claims made by supplement marketers are monitored by the FDA, which issues warning or cease and desist letters to those that don’t follow regulations. The FDA ensures that marketers do not claim that their products cure or reduce diseases or their symptoms.
  2. Any introduction of new supplement ingredients to the market must be submitted to the FDA for review. This can be done by either qualifying the products for Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status or by submitting a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification to FDA.
  3. In case an ingredient is believed to be harmful, the FDA gives instructions regarding warning requirements on the supplement label. If necessary, it can also order the removal of the ingredient from the market. This is what it did with ephedra a number of years ago.
  4. All manufacturing facilities undergo periodic FDA inspections to confirm adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
  5. These Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) issued by FDA cover everything from verification of raw material to proper product testing and labeling.
Are your products safe? 2017-10-04T07:59:55-08:00

Absolutely! A lot of people have the notion that the supplement industry runs wild and free from any regulations and standards. You may look at some media coverage and assume that supplement companies aren’t covered by any standards or regulations….and hence, no safety. That’s not at all true.

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all dietary supplements. All the dietary supplement manufacturing, safety of ingredients and marketing practices are regulated by the FDA.
  • There are various independent organizations that establish quality and testing standards for supplements. A lot of these quality programs for nutrition supplements surpass even the FDA standards.
  • Royal Potion  is a participant in several of these programs, and strictly follows standards that go beyond what’s required in many cases. Our manufacturing facility employs a system of procedures, processes and documentation to ensure that each product gets the strength, identity, composition, purity and quality that is shown on the label.

You may wonder why dietary supplements do not undergo the same testing as those done on pharmaceutical products. This is because pharmaceutical drugs are developed in laboratories and have never been introduced to the human body before. The FDA has strict procedures that pharmaceutical drugs must go through before being introduced to the public.

On the other hand, dietary supplements are considered a subset of food, since they are manufactured with natural ingredients that have been used by human beings through centuries. Despite that fact, the supplement industry still needs proper regulations to ensure that the products manufactured are following proper safety and quality standards. Click on the next question to learn how existing regulations protect you and help ensure the highest quality products.

Where are your products made? 2017-10-04T07:59:10-08:00

Our ingredients are sourced from around the world, often wherever the growing conditions are ideal. We are headquartered in Delaware and all of our products are manufactured in the United States. Our manufacturers operate FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Registered and Inspected Facilities, which are subject to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Standards.


Can you tell me more about how supplements can help me success 2017-10-04T07:57:59-08:00

You can read all about how the right supplements can help you achieve success right here

What is Be Do Have? 2017-10-04T07:56:43-08:00

Be Do Have is our core philosophy at RoyalPotion. This is about BE someone who realizing what you need to DO, to HAVE what you want. Our ancient formulation is intended to achieve whatever aspiration you have, as modern man & woman.

I’m not sure which products are right for me. Can you help? 2017-10-04T07:53:02-08:00

Yes! Our products are grouped by category, to make it easy to find the right product for your specific needs and goals. Click on one of the following categories to get started:

  • Weight Management
  • Free Radical Scavengers
  • Sexual Health
  • Energy
  • Men’s Health
  • Anti-Aging
  • Beauty
Do you offer an affiliate program? 2017-10-04T07:51:54-08:00

If you are interested in being an affiliate for our products, you can sign up for an Amazon Associates account right here.

What is your privacy policy? 2017-10-04T07:51:25-08:00

You can find our privacy policy here

How long does it take to see results from your products? 2017-10-04T07:44:36-08:00

Our products will work at varying degrees and speed for each individual. The key to maximum results is consistency. Taking our products as directed and being consistent with your daily use will allow the ingredients to build up in your system. Although most of our customers are very happy our products, we realize that herbal supplements may not work for everyone. If this is the case for you, we are happy to honor our money-back guarantee.

Do you offer free product samples? 2017-10-04T07:45:25-08:00

We do not offer free product samples but we will frequently have contests where you can win free products from us. You can stay up to date on our current contests (and get 15% off your next order!) by joining our mailing list. We also post updates & special offers on Facebook.

Do you sell your products in any retail locations? 2017-10-04T07:50:51-08:00

We currently only offer our products on Amazon. We are in talks with some large retailers, and will keep you updated of any new stores that carry our products.